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Originally, in 2008 Ushuaia was a beach restaurant, started by Yann Pissenem, right on Playa d’en Bossa beach and just a few minutes away from the current location. It was the venue which today is called “Sands”. People used to spend their afternoons there, hanging around, sipping drinks and listening to some good music.

Only one year later and after moving some metres down the beach, Ushuaia got quite famous with some afterparties of some of the island’s hottest party labels. Actually the whole story with beach parties at Ushuaia began with Leonardo Cannistra, hosting Sundays and after bringing Tania Vulcano and totally smashing the place, the new star was born.

As a result, Ushuaia became incredibly popular as a (semi-legal) party location and “the” place for locals and season workers. Sundays became so big and the venue so busy that Luciano invaded Ushuaia with his Vagabundos, and took over the Sundays. The Ushuaia closing party at the end of the season 2010 – which happened right on the beach and attracted around 3.000 people – was the stuff legends are made from.

Then, some smart heads had a vision, a concept and enough cash for something much bigger. And BANG – in 2011, the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel was born! Again at a new location, moving again up the beach a little bit. It wasn’t a totally new built hotel, just the Fiesta hotel right across Space in Playa d’en Bossa that got a complete facelift during winter 2010/11 and a new name. Everything got refurbished, from the rooms to the restaurants, the bars and most importantly, the patio what is now Ibiza’s latest attraction.The original “old” location on the beach still exists today and is known as „La Plage“, but that’s another story…

                                                                                                                            A CLUB? A HOTEL? BOTH!
The „new“ Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel is the first hotel of a new breed on the island, combining being both a hotel and a nightlife destination at the same time. You have the modern, very stylish (and quite pricey, to be honest) hotel rooms and suites on one side and open air parties in the hotel’s patio around the pool on the other side.

Unfortunately no more parties are happening directly on the beach, and you always need a ticket if you wanna go to one of their parties. There’s everything in place for party lovers, reaching from different restaurants, a small and intimate inside nightclub, bars, up to a fully equipped recording studio which you can hire during your Ibiza hols and go producing some wicked tracks.

People were quite skeptical about this new concept, but when the Ushuaia Hotel opened at the start of the summer season 2011, it was an intermediate success. One could see their parties were well planned and a lot of work had been done in order to get things going properly. Of course, there were a few things that didn’t work perfectly from the very beginning, but all in all, their first season was an amazing one. Except the sad tragedy that happened in August, when a waiter died after he got attacked by one of Ushuaia’s door men!

With throwing parties which start at 16:00 (and really get going at around 19:00), Ushuaia found a niche and a way to avoid the afterhours ban. Their open air parties run until midnight and in their first season 2011, the last few hours mostly were really busy and there was a full-on party vibe.

And it didn’t stop there: the list of DJs and acts hitting the Ushuaia stage in the first summer is nothing short of impressive. Luciano, Sasha, Tiësto, Booka Shade, the Swedish House Mafia, Usher, the Black Eyed Peas – just to name a few. Especially the collaboration with Pacha was very helpful for Ushuaia. Labels like Cadenza and Defected threw both daytime parties at Ushuaia and nighttime fiestas at Pacha – and the combo worked a treat.

                                                                                                                                      THE FUTURE
We’re all impatently waiting for Ushuaia’s 2012 plans to be revealed and we’re guessing they’ll continue where they stopped at the end of their first season (their closing party was a blast!). But the first copycat is already out on the street – a very similar project is set to open its doors this coming summer 2012, over in San Antonio. Ibiza just never stands still…




Venue: Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

City/Town: Ibiza

Country: Spain

E-Mail: reservas.ibiza

Tel:+34971 396 710

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