Rony Seikaly & Jean Claude Ades – You Make Me Feel (Original Mix)

Release Date: 2012/12/14

Label: Be Crazy Music

Artist: Rony Seikaly & Jean Claude Ades

Making the end of a successful summer season Jean Claude Ades unveils the debut release on his brand new label, Be Crazy Music. Produced in conjunction with his friend and sparring partner Rony Seikaly, You Make Me Feel is a culmination of the duo’s exploits on the magical white island Ibiza. After forming a production partnership last year, Jean Claude and Rony have gone from strength to strength, finding a common bond through the deeper end of house music, merging their ideas and creating high quality, sophisticated sounds. Earlier this year they worked together on the exquisite three-track EP, East West 2 released via JCA’s Swings imprint 2 and they subsequently spend many nights DJing together at Jean Claude’s Be Crazy night in Ibiza. The result of their time spent in Ibiza is the debut release on Be Crazy Music, You Make Me Feel. Oozing sultry dancefloor vibes, You Make Me Feel exudes the spirit of JCA’s Ibizan Be Crazy soirees 2 a sensual energy pervades throughout, while the duo make sure that there’s enough bounce to keep party people moving from beginning to end. The track encapsulates exactly what Jean Claude and his parties are all about, positive energy, a seductive vibe and an irresistable groove that locks you in and refuses to relent, taking you to euphoric heights. A season in Ibiza has certainly had some influence on the duo’s output as can be clearly heard on their latest track. Ibiza’s spirit is flowing through the duo and seeping into their productions, now let the spirit of You Make Me Feel flow through you…


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