Release Date: 2013-04-01

LABELS: Rebelion

12″ released 18th March, Beatport 1st April.

Next up on Crosstown Rebels clandestine off-shoot label Rebellion is the dexterous and versatile producer behind latest alias, SIOPIS. Adorning the ‘Master Plan’ EP with a far murkier quality than previous works as Silversurfer, the SIOPIS sound is destined for the darker recesses of the club.

Comprised of three superlative cuts, the tone of the ‘Master Plan’ EP is set with a blend of lingering vocals, punchy basslines and moody undertones. A-side ‘Master Plan’ leads the way with its haunting vocals, layered over a howling bassline as the synths build with intensity.

Flip over to the B-side and it’s all swagger with ‘Buy Underground’s’ tough bassline stabs, mingling with warped synths as the track breaks down into trippy spaced out FX before a killer drop. ‘House of Mouse’ feat. Mz Sunday & Bootslap delivers growling sub-bass and grimy beats under nimble keys and skittish bleeps while a sinister male vocal is contested by a sweeter female voice and trippier fx perpetuates the menacing mood.

Jannis Siopis was a rather raw, dark and enigmatic lad in his early days. With a traditional Greek background in a modern German setting, a classical love affair with his clarinet and trumpet later morphed into a creative talent for break dancing, graffiti art and spinning records. Crosstown Rebels first ever record was a Silversurfer production and the label continued to nurture the talent with subsequent releases.

Now under the alias of SIOPIS, the skilled producer has shaped his beats into a groovier, house sound that has won over the Get physical imprint and agency. Greeted as ‘one of the labels most exciting young guns’ SIOPIS is more than an appropriate fit for Rebellion’s more eccentric tribal sensibility.


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