Kenny Carpenter

In the mid-late 70′s, Kenny Carpenter was in ever-present attendance when the NYC underground gay club scene emerged from It’s womb of rhythmic integration. As an original “Brooklyn Boy” he watched, listened and began lurking for the turntables. At that point he made a plan! Some of his biggest idols at the time included the likes of Nicky Siano, Tee Scott, Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan, Larry Patterson and David Mancuso. In the 80′s Kenny Carpenter’s early club experiences lead to his employment as a light technician at the then famous “Galaxy 21” on West 23rd Street, and “The Inferno” on West 19th Street in NYC. Still hungry for the turn-tables he moved on to spinning records first in small venues, and then inevitably to a Saturday Night Residency in the forever famous, infamous, and world renowed “STUDIO 54” on West 54th Street.

After the closing of Studio 54, Kenny was hired as the Saturday Night Resident DJ in a venue the size of an airplane hanger, the 5,000 person capacity Bond’s International Casino on West 45th Street in the heart of Times Square! His resulting popularity and increasing fame led to international opportunities in countries such asIsrael, France, Spain and England spinning regular guest spots at what was and still is the most famous club in London, The Ministry Of Sound. Some of his then biggest contemporaries, and still friends to this day, includeFrancois Kevorkian, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Little Louie Vega, and Tedd Patterson. He has been long time friends and enjoyed many collaborations with recording artists the likes of Anthony Malloy, Kenny Bobien, and Strafe.

He continues to produce and , where possible, forge creative relationships with artists such as Wendy Lewis, Madonna, Jennifer Holiday, Michael Jackson, Robin S., and Majestic K. Funk. On his new website the Living DJ LegendKenny Carpenter,describes his professional & global function today as a dj/producer. His new website has become a necessity to help complement and enhance his talent, experience, and professionalism. It’s time for him to take advantage of the ability he’s acquired to make people, young and older, move, think, and feel, by making his concepts available to all who are interested in the evolution of club music”!!! Kenny Carpenter has had many years of experience working on New York’s number one radio station called WBLS and he’s done many guest sets on KISS FM in London but Producing and Remixing Music has become his latest acquired passion and you can expect some big surprises in the future which include new productions for Madonna, Kenny Bobien, Kathy Brown, Shaun Escoffery and Wendy Lewis.

Kenny continues to travel extensively and perform in some of the most fashionable venues worldwide including:Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Switzerland, Japan, England, Norway, USA, Russia, Brazil, Morocco, South Africa, malta, Belgium, Montercarlo, Luxembourg and many more locations world-wide.



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