Jamie Jones-Changes ‘EP’

Release Date: 2013/1/7

Label: Hottrax

Artist: Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones launches his new subsidiary label of Hot Creations, HOTTRAX with a three track EP of upfront dance floor business. The label will be dedicated to a more underground dance floor orientated aesthetic, only for the headstrong! This three track features phenomenal Change. Jamie has championed it all summer and as soon as you hear it youll realize why. Its a heady hypnotic brew of oscillator-funk and ghetto-groove, arpeggiating synths bubble hypnotically under the rising ebb and flow of the melody as infectious groove drives you on.. the truth is we are all going through changes! On the flip and Jamie jacks the groove on the Road To The Studio. Incessant chanting and looped vocals are cleverly layered upon each other creating a impending sense of explosive anticipation as the rhythm effortlessly builds to maximum effect. Finally, the irresistibly charming No Rush plays upon retro garage feel while the minor keys serve to create a sense eeriness on the floor. A great closure to a superb three track EP, and what a way to kick off the new label in style. Watch out for HOTTRAX releases in 2013.


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