Deejay Cocoe

In this era of superstar DJs and fly-by-night, one-hit wonders, it is always refreshing to find a soul who’s paid his dues and never wavered from his belief in why he does what he does – It’s all for the music, nothing more, nothing less. Since 1988, one such fellow has been caringly and confidently honing his craft and supporting the sounds he holds dear.

Kosta Tsimahidis, aka Dee Jay Cocoe, was touched by music early in his childhood. His father, an avid record collector in the ‘60s and ‘70s, opened his ears to the inspiring and adventurous sounds of classic soul, funk, r&b, rock, jazz and disco. These roots gave him the foundation on which he built his love of music – always conscious, always soulful. Growing up in Southern California, Cocoe has been blessed with the opportunity to not only DJ and produce music, but to promote quality events since 1991.

Cocoe Hold’s a residency at two of Los Angeles’s longest running party’s, Abstract Workshop & Versatile which he has been holding down since 1998. Equal to his love and commitment to hip-hop, Cocoe regards Deep Soulful House Music, Down Tempo, Brazilian Music, Reggae, 60-70 Soul, Funk, Boogie & Disco Breaks as an essential component of his musical identity.

Throughout his career, promoting quality music has been his mission, whether through his DJing, events or production. In the mid-nineties, Cocoe began throwing intimate gatherings known as Deeper Note with his close friend Wally Callerio. As with his hip-hop events, Cocoe’s house music events are focused on promoting quality music.

As Cocoe says, “I’m a beat junkie when it comes to music. I know the different elements out there and all the different producers that don’t get heard by most people. It’s up to me to do my part.” My main focus when I search for music is to make sure it’s timeless. Cocoe is unquestionably one the most versatile DJs to step up to the decks. His sets are filled with top-notch tunes from beginning to end, laced together as only a man of his experience can do. Be it hip-hop, house, or something in between, soul reigns supreme.



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