Climbers – Equal Responsibility (Betoko Remix)

Release Date: 2012/12/5

Label: Get Physical Music

Artist: Climbers

Climbers broke onto the seen this summer with ‘Equal Responsibility’, a huge track with a sexy, hot summer vibe. We wanted to hear what others had to say about this burner, so we asked! Betoko, Deaf Pillow and Inxec vs. Droog give us their answers. Betoko pumps the plucked synth for more deep energy and creates a pop feeling, but all within limits. This track a great structure and inpsiring composition, which could help it become the winter hit. Deaf Pillow gives us a super chilled number – chords and licks blend together to throw us into a deep groove. The mix simultaneously radiates a slow heat and energy that inspires the moments that make or break a party. The last time we featured Inxec vs. Droog was for their remix of Gavin Herlihy’s ‘Positive Thing’, and they proved themselves to be quite the production team. They deliver once again here, with a heavy mix for the late nights and early mornings. The vocal loops, and the percussion drives us on. Their use of refreshingly original sounds creates a brilliant atmosphere to build on.


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