Amir Alexander – Everybody’s Beautiful EP

Release Date: 2012/12/10

Label: Hypercolour

Artist: Amir Alexander

Hypercolour’s couture offshoot HypeLTD returns to the fray with another exquisite house release, this time from Chicago’s venerated underground talent, Amir Alexander. Recently picked up for the first release on LWE editor Steve Mizek’s newest label, Alexander has also offered up his pacey brand of firm, wooden house on Deep Vibes, New York’s Plan B and Hakim Murphy’s Machining Dreams. Despite being a Chicagoan, Alexander’s toughened house music deals in the sort of sensuous synth work that has characterised Detroit techno over the years. Opener ‘Dazed & Amazed’ is yet another example of that: rough and raw kicks power along beneath reverential synth smears as cymbals, hi hats and claps all scatter and clatter around each other in a beautiful sepia cacophony. On the flip, ‘Everybody’s So Beautiful’ is a little airier. The frenetic claps and slinky hats have a little room to breath as otherworldly harmonies drift about in the background with various interjections from Alexander’s own spoken word musings. The same cut also gets served up as an acid mix, where a ragged 303 runs wild through the track, ripping and tearing through the percussion with warm, golden pads softening the edges. Like all of Alexander’s output, this whole EP sounds oak aged and dusty, as if pulled straight from the vaults. As a result, it’s laden with real feelings and thick atmospheres of the sort you don’t come across all that often anymore.


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